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Jetpack Joyride high scoreWhat is the best score you have ever achieved in the Jetpack Joyride game? Have you ever wondered who holds the Jetpack Joyride World Record? Do you know who has run the longest distance in Jetpack Joyride? It is most likely that you may not be conversant with one or two answers to the questions I have posed above.

However, it will be good to know so that you may also be challenged to try and go beyond the existing Jetpack Joyride World Record. Just imagine yourself as the holder of the world record for jetpack. Everyone would respect you and it is most likely many fans of this game would want to know how you did it.

You may even find yourself attending a conference organized by Halfbrick Studios who in the essence are the developers of this game. Every time you are playing Jetpack Joyride and you manage to get a high score, it will be good for you to post it online so that your friends can also have a view of your score and compare it with theirs.

Who knows, after you have gone through the many guides posted in this blog, you may be the one to have the nest Jetpack Highest distance score that will make you forever proud! It is true that many play this game but only few have mastered the play techniques to the extent of holding the Jetpack Joyride world record.

Perhaps, here is the highest score ever on Jetpack Joyride game play in the recent times:

  • The recent highest Jetpack Joyride world record on ipad is held by a thirteen years old name Jay T. He manages to score  precisely thirty six thousand and forty five meters in one single Jetpack Joyride Game Play.

What you have to know about this list is that it is not permanent. New Jetpack Joyride champions emerge every once in a while and they move on to hit and go beyond Jetpack Joyride highest scores. Therefore, if the above list changes, we will try to update it.

For this reason, we want to ask you; have you beaten the Jetpack World Record? If you feel that you have the new high jetpack joyride score like none that has ever been present in the history of Jetpack Joyride game play, we would feel honored to know and let the world know. Kindly contact us so that we can acknowledge the work of your hands and appreciate your skills.

Also, if you feel you have a relatively high score in Jetpack Joyride, we will appreciate if you posted it here and allowed your score to become a challenge for other Jetpack Joyride players.


  1. Kit Jackson says:

    for the secret achievement “Another way in” you have to activate one of the new gadgets. Activate the “free ride” gadget and keep playing until you start with the crazy freaking teleporter.

  2. Lúcio says:

    I’ve got 6908 M.

  3. MistaScruggs says:

    Your not even good. You just have no life which is why you have enough money to buy all those items

  4. Bianca says:

    I got 22098 and I am still going

  5. Jordan says:

    Your all rubbish i got 1,000,000

    • No you didn’t. That’s impossible. That would mean you’d played 33 hours at increasing speeds (=x) with periodical speed differences (=n)+Head start 750=A, 1500=B
      And that would mean minimum would be 1(Also impossible) All the way around you’d still add it to 33 minutes 33+4=37but N(equal to power ups ranges from 0-125000 average that would be 122555 so that would average out (The rest of the math is to big) to about 1 in .00000000000421 odds, not factoring human odds, lack of sleep etc. but if you really did, your a huge LOSER

  6. Taylor says:

    My farthest is 7,360m

  7. oscar says:

    I have 7122 using flash and turbo bost what number am I in the world record

  8. someone says:

    the highest score is 30000 due to game center

  9. 2.2million! You can all suck!

  10. funman says:

    i mean 9.054 sorry

  11. jetpack king says:

    I’ve got 7.184m!

  12. Alex Stewart says:

    U don’t have anything to do, that is why you have 2.2 million.. I have 10374 and i’m not interesten on the world record

  13. R O N says:

    ive got 4,000,000…world record!!!

  14. Simon Biebau says:

    i got 10.461 on facebook
    6.503 is not very much

  15. Garrett says:

    I got around 41k for the number 1 record, you should check.

  16. X Balderas says:

    You all are such fakes

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