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Jetpack Joyride CoinsHow do you get unlimited coins in the Jetpack Joyride game? It is obvious that every fan of jetpack joyride wants to progress in the game faster and beat his old records.

It is also obvious that many players are constantly seeking for ways to get unlimited Jetpack Joyride coins so that they are in a position to make in game purchases and easily progress in the game. Without making in-game purchases in Jetpack Joyride, you may not move that far in the game play.

There are several ways of getting coins in Jetpack Joyride:

  • Purchasing Coins in Jetpack Joyride

Many fans of Jetpack Joyride do not like purchasing in-game  currency. However, at times, you may be needed to purchase Jetpack Joyride coins for you to progress in the game.  Do you want unlimited coins in Jetpack Joyride? Even though you may be against purchasing coins in games, this is one game that you can use minimal coins to purchase as much as over two hundred thousand coins. It is something that is worth trying out.

  • Collecting Jetpack Joyride Coins

Another way of getting coins in Jetpack is through collecting coind during game play. Indeed, this is a more difficult way of getting coins even though it is free and safe. If you want to go this way in getting your coins then, you will have to jump, run and perform all manner of stunts just to make sure that you are able to collect coins whenever they are availed in your path.

Getting Unlimited Coins in Jetpack Joyride

There are other ways of boosting your coins in Jetpack joyride such as performing a coin spin. Though we do not condone it, you can perform jetpack joyride coin cheats. There are many ways in which you can cheat to get unlimited coins. Here is one way that has been proved to work in many instances:

  • The first step is to download this file
  • The second step that you need to undertake is to place your downloaded file into the jetpack.app directory
  • Thirdly, delete two folders which are the library folders and the  documents folder
  • Fourth, turn on your air mode while at the same time switching off the wi-fi
  • Finally, you can now open your Jetpack Joyride app where you will find that you will be able to purchase almost all game items free.

Be warned however that any jetpack joyride cheat for iphone can damage your game and therefore, you perform cheats in jetpack joyride at your own risk. When you get unlimited jetpack joyride coins, you are able to get as many jetpack joyride stocks as possible.

Should you have any other ways of getting jetpack joyride unlimited coins that we have not yet known about, then, post them here so that the rest of the jetpack joyride fans should know. More to it, don’t forget to come back once in a while to get even more jetpack joyride updates.


  1. nickalis says:

    i wanna know how to get as many coins as i can in jetpackjoyride

  2. Harrison says:

    The best way is if your jailbroken, get an up called I ap cracker, add the source sinfuluphonerepo.com

    Once done that just scroll done to the I and then I ap Cracker is the first one. It just let’s you get free in app purchasess for any game. Thanks for reading my post if by probs just leave a comment happy to help if I can!

  3. frankie says:

    are there any cheats for jetpack joyride on kindle fire hd?

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