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Jetpack Joyride EndHave you ever wondered about reaching last point of our favorite mobile game? Technically speaking, there is no Jetpack Joyride end. It’s an endless runner after all. As long as you have the ability to move forward despite all the obstacles, you can continue reaching a greater distance in a single round. However, if we consider all the achievements, missions and badges, then we can say that there is a Jetpack Joyride end.

In Jetpack Joyride, you don’t merely play to reach the greatest distance. There are a lot of missions to complete, each having their own requirements. These are the different mission requirements:

  • Reaching a particular amount of distance
  • Avoiding obstacles
  • Riding vehicles (with a particular task)
  • Coin and spin token collecting
  • Random requirements

While doing missions, you can also try obtaining the different achievements of the game. Achievements are also like missions. You can find the requirements for completion by looking at the description of the achievements. For a list of achievements with tips on how to obtain them, visit our Jetpack Joyride Achievements post.

Missions raise your rank in Jetpack Joyride. Your main aim is to get the Level 15 Medal or the Barry rank. Once you raise your rank, you will be given rewards (for more information on rewards, please visit our Jetpack Joyride Barry post). And once you finally get to the Barry rank, you will be asked to restart the game. You may continue playing without restarting your game. However, you’ll miss the extra challenges.

To get to the Jetpack Joyride end, simply cash in your Level 15 Medal as soon as you achieve the Barry rank. Afterwards, you will be able to get all the 125 badges. To see the complete list of all the badges, please browse our Jetpack Joyride Badge Guide.

After completing all the missions, getting the highest rank and obtaining all 125 badges, you can say that you have completed all of the challenges of Jetpack Joyride. Since it’s such a fun game, you can keep on playing it although you’ve already reached the Jetpack Joyride End.

Do you have more information and insights about the Jetpack Joyride end? Just add your comments below this post. It would be amazing to hear from our fellow Jetpack Joyride enthusiasts. All of your inquiries about the Jetpack Joyride end are also welcome. Our fellow fans may be able to answer your questions. Don’t forget to tell your friends about jetpackjoyridefan.com.


  1. Katy says:

    I didn’t cash in my Barry medal right away. Is there any way to go back & cash it in? I’m now stuck on level 15

  2. Josh says:

    I’m having the same problem. I started a game then pressed pause and all it shows is my current missions telling me to cash in your level 2560257 medal and start the fun again?…

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