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Jetpack Joyride BullseyeObtaining some achievements in Jetpack Joyride can be challenging. Some would require a good timing, particularly if you’re aiming to the Jetpack Joyride Bullseye achievement. You will gain 30 points once you obtain this particular achievement.

How do you get the Jetpack Joyride Bullseye achievement? The method is simple but the timing might be hard. This particular achievement requires you to get an exact score of 200m. To successfully obtain this score, you have to try hitting the third obstacle (the zapper). After your character dies, he’ll be tossed a few meters from the zapper and you should be able to score 200m when this happens. The distance of the third zapper can be different from time to time. Just keep trying until you get the 200m score.

Since 200m is pretty much at the beginning of the round, you won’t have a hard time counting the third obstacle. You just need to practice your timing. That way you can successfully get the Jetpack Joyride Bullseye achievement.

Other achievements are harder than the Jetpack Joyride Bullseye achievement. The reason is because some of them have different requirements including the following:

  • Some require a number of missions to be completed
  • Some require greater distances
  • Some require the use of expensive items
  • Some require great skill combined with timing

Since Jetpack Joyride Bullseye achievement can be obtained a few meters after the start of the round, you may try getting this before getting the other harder ones. This achievement is also a good practice for timing. If you get used to the timing in this game, getting the harder achievements will become easier.

Are you interested in knowing the other achievements of this endless runner? You can browse our post on the Jetpack Joyride Achievements. We have a complete list which includes the secret achievements. Tips are also provided for the hard-to-get ones.

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